Girvan Festival: 30th April, 1st, 2nd, May 2021

GUESTS for 2021 include: Gatehouse – Crows – Nick Dow – Alan Reid – Jock Tamson’s Ideal Band – Heather Yule – Jane Cassidy & Maurice Leyden -Dougie Mackenzie & Brian Miller – Derek Williamson – Peter & Barbara Snape – Creel – Rosie Lindsay – Bob Knight – Graham Carter – Bill Adair. There were two underlying themes carried forward from the postponed festival in 2020. These were ‘Travellers & Gypsies’ and ‘The Musical links between Scotland and Ireland’.  We won’t have the opportunity to fully explore these themes within the Covid restricted on-line Festival and we plan to return to these as we ‘bridge’ towards the 2022 festival and beyond.


Girvan Folk Festival, 2021 (On-line elements only)

Girvan Folk Festival, 2020 had to be cancelled owing to the situation with the Covid-19.  Continued restrictions mean that a physical festival taking place in Girvan over our normal May Day Weekend has proved to be impossible. Some online events are currently being planned and announcements will be made as soon as possible.  Current plans include two evening Concerts on Saturday 1st May and Sunday 2nd May. Each concert will be followed by a late Night singing session using Zoom.   More information

Girvan Folk Festival 2021 : 1st – 3rd May
On-Line activities only

Owing to ongoing Covid-19 related restrictions, Girvan Folk Festival 2021 will consist of some on-line events only.  This will effectively mean that we have lost two festivals since our 45th Festival, which took place in May 2019.  Much of the information on this website still refers to that 2019 festival, together with guest information for what would have been our festival in 2020.  These guests were ‘postponed’ until 2021 and unfortunately will now only be able to appear virtually in an on-line event.

Planning for 2022 is currently under discussion. We hope that a ‘normal’ festival will be possible in 2022. As part of our transition planning, we expect that festival to take place under the artistic direction of a new team, who we will introduce in due course.

Although there will be changes, our new artistic team comprises people who have grown up with Girvan Festival and we anticipate that their guest selection for 2022 will continue to offer lots of great musical experiences from people firmly rooted in the tradition.  Many people see Girvan as a ‘meeting place’; a chance to see old friends and to rub shoulders with traditional musicians from all ‘airts and pairts’ and within our guests, and visitors, there will be lots of opportunities for people to share in performance for some unique experiences.

Many people attend Girvan year on year, confident that it will be a great weekend. We hope that you might start making your own arrangements to attend early. Meantime please register on our website for email news updates. This will help us to keep you in touch with any developments.


Notification of our AGM: The AGM of GIRVAN TRADITIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL is due to take place on Wednesday 24 MARCH 2021, at 6pm.  Owing to Covid-19 related restrictions the AGM will take place using ZOOM.  Login details for the Zoom hosted AGM will be sent to Trustees and committee members.  If any interested party would like to attend, please send an email to 

Some of Girvan’s strengths.

  • It is a family festival.
  • Its constitution and defined focus.
  • Although it has a core committee, it was ‘owned’ by a larger group of people.
  • It seeks out new performers.
  • It books ‘special people’ – not necessarily stars, but people with an X factor.
  • Its links with Ireland and England.
  • It isn’t a ‘manufactured’ festival, it grew from established folk clubs and is organised by folk enthusiasts.
  • It remains small and acoustic,
  • It is on a Bank Holiday and runs for a full weekend.