Twinning relationships

Girvan is establishing a twinning relationship with two festivals who share similar values and who recognise the benefits and opportunities an informal friendly might bring. The festivals which Girvan has currently twinned with are in England and Ireland. One of Girvan’s strengths in the past has been its geographic location which resulted in Girvan having a unique mix of performers and visitors from England, Ireland and Scotland. These days travel is easier, but all three festivals are to some extend ‘remote’. We hope that our mutual relationships will address that issue and add a unique flavour to each event.

Bromyard Folk Festival.  Bromyard, Worcestershire, England

Bromyard Folk Festival started in 1968 and sold 150 tickets. Now it is attended by thousands every year. Bromyard is a small market town in Worcestershire.  The Festival recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, so it is of similar vintage to Girvan Folk Festival. Bromyard Folk Festival’s goal has always been to promote folk traditions by making them as accessible as possible during one weekend of packed entertainment. Acts can be local, award winning national performers and international folk legends. There is a warm family feeling to Bromyard Folk Festival, with entertainment for all ages, plus food, drink and activities throughout the whole weekend. Bromyard Folk Festival has included a ‘Future of Young Folk Award’ since 2002. Bromyard Festival has strong links with Warwick Folk Festival.

Bromyard Folk Festival takes place in early September each year. Dates for 2019 are 5th – 8th September.

The Johnny Doherty Festival. Ardara, Co Donegal, Ireland.

The Johnny Doherty Festival of traditional music and dance takes place annually in late September in the small scenic town of Ardara.  Donegal is fiddle country and many of the legendary Donegal fiddlers came from this area, including Johnny Doherty who the festival honours with its name.  There is a mix of concerts, ceilis, barn dances, sean nós, set dancing, workshops, pub and street sessions. Ardara is a popular Donegal holiday destination on the Wild Atlantic Way and offers many accommodation types including Hotel, B&B and Airbnb.

Girvan Traditional Folk Festival. Girvan, Ayrshire, South West Scotland

In 2019 Girvan Festival reached its 45th anniversary and as well as being proud of its history, it is confident in its future. Girvan Folk Festival was, and to some extent still is, one of the premier events in Scotland with respect to traditional music. It is proudly an old style festival with its own identity and values.   The festival started at an interesting time and was a period which many would describe as a golden age musically. It was a time when Scottish folk music was emerging. Irish music was more dominant than it is now but the groups and gatherings that were to lead to the emergence of seminal bands such as Battlefield Band, Ossian and the Boys of the Lough were coming together.